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Our Development Planning Department works hand-in-hand with town planners, municipalities, development entities and, professionals in the built environment who are responsible for town planning, regional and spatial development planning; infrastructure development and, land use management. Through our end-to-end, data-driven suite of solutions, we essentially empower them to achieve four key outcomes:

i. Build sustainable spaces for people to live, work and play in

ii. Arrange activities to stimulate economic growth and enhance quality of life

iii. Ensure the responsible use of resources and land

iv. Develop infrastructure in a way that protects the Earth.

The main problem we solve

We provide professionals and entities in the built environment with the resources needed to plan and build sustainable spaces and livelihoods, for both today and tomorrow.

Our services

Town planning

Providing the data needed to establish human settlements in any urban, suburban or rural area (townships, towns or cities) in such a way that the land and resources are used optimally and that the communities thrive.

Forward planning

Designing plans and strategies to ensure cities and urban areas are developed in a coordinated and integrated manner, so they will have the capacity to meet future challenges and demands.

Regional and spatial development planning

Informing efficient arrangement of activities, as well as optimal allocation of existing resources in an area in a manner that promotes the social welfare of all the stakeholders involved.

Strategic spatial planning

Helping to prepare for the impact of social, economic and environmental changes in communities by identifying and stimulating growth in underdeveloped areas that have economic potential.

Land use management

Enabling planning and regulation of the use of land for residential, commercial and industrial purposes, as well as putting processes and policies in place to ensure the right infrastructure is built in the right place, at the right time.

Statutory planning

Facilitating an understanding of all the laws and regulations of any particular zone that may have an impact or place limitations on any town planning project, so that it can be taken into consideration right from the outset.

The people we serve

Government and public entities

Town planners and professionals responsible for planning and development of human settlements, land use management.

Private enterprises

Construction companies, civil engineers and developers, who develop and construct infrastructure in the built environment


Any humanitarian aid organisation or NGO that aims to assist people who are suffering from poor living conditions, or who are victims of poverty, armed conflict or natural disasters.

Flagship projects

Project summary

The National Catalytic Human Settlements Programme is a flagship programme of the National Department of Human Settlements and the Housing Development Agency. A number of mega human settlements were targeted for investment and implementation nationally. NTG Solutions formed part of the professional resource team that supported government to implement various projects that form part of the programme in Northern, Eastern and Western Cape.


Key outcomes

We successfully conducted a series of land assessments, spatial analyses, development and feasibility studies and developed a human settlements policy to guide and inform the development at hand. We also developed bespoke dashboards to provide a high-technology information management tool that enables seamless monitoring and evaluation of the developments.

Project summary

The Provincial Department of Cooperative Governance, Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs is mandated to ensure the sustainable development of human settlements in the Northern Cape Province. The purpose of the Provincial Human Settlements Strategy was to ensure the provincial department is better prepared for implementation of the various programmes.


Key outcomes

NTG Solutions embarked on an extensive exercise to gain a comprehensive understanding of all the relevant elements that impact human settlements in the province and to collect all the relevant information from all the relevant places and people. The strategy was developed on-time and on-briefed and provided a data-informed way forward for complex project components such as the collection and gathering of spatial data; development of a strategic development framework, field work coordination; and stakeholder engagement

Project summary

King Sabata Dalindyebo Local Municipality requested institutional support from the Municipal Infrastructure Support Agency for development planning, GIS and project management. NTG Solutions was commissioned to provide support through the deployment of key professional staff, GIS-based software, as well as training and development of an enterprise project management framework methodology.


Key outcomes

Through dedicated training and development and transfer of expert knowledge and skills, we assisted the local municipality to build inhouse GIS capability which is supported by a strategic policy and frameworks, as well as the relevant GIS-based tools, software and technology.

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