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Simply put, geospatial data is “place-based information” about all of the features and activity at any given point on Earth. Our Geomatics Department leverages a range of the latest and most advanced tools, technologies and techniques to help entities better understand this location-based information for two key purposes:

i. Enhance service delivery to customers or members of the public

ii. Setting pioneering industry trends through supply and training in the latest emerging geomatics technologies.

As a long-established certified business partner of Leica Geosystems, we are also able to supply other professionals in geospatial intelligence with world-leading precision geographical measuring equipment and systems, all backed by local support.

The main problem we solve

We help entities improve their services and operations using technology, specialised equipment and solutions when implementing the following services:

Our services

Topographical (“topo”) surveys

A critical part of a real estate transaction, construction or civil engineering project that provides data on all the physical features on the surface of any piece of land, both natural and manmade, including the location and height of all these features, as well as any elevations on the land.

Cadastral surveying

An integral component of the legal creation of properties, this survey utilises a qualified Professional Land Surveyor to measure and subdivide property, or establish or re-establishment property boundaries.  

Volumetric surveys

An ultra-useful solution for earthworks and inventory management in industries such as mining, manufacturing and construction, as it enables the measurement of large stockpiles of materials or goods.

Engineering surveys

A multidisciplinary survey that involves taking measurements, conducting scientific and mathematical analyses and applying knowledge of legal requirements to inform the design of civil engineering structures such as highways, railways, roads, bridges and tunnels.

Light detection and ranging (“LiDAR”) surveys

A hybrid technology for achieving efficiency and quick turnaround times in data collection, without compromising accuracy and quality of large projects. Simply put, it is a remote sensing method of representing the world in 3D, which is becoming increasingly popular to determine distances, take accurate measurements, and determine ranges.

Laser scanning surveys

A super-swift, reliable and cost-effective remote 3D survey of the inside and outside of any existing structure such as a building that captures spatial detail through millions of data points and creates a cloud image of the area surveyed.

Drone mapping

An increasingly popular remote sensing technology that is used across industries to create 2D and 3D geospatial maps, using aerial imageries. It provides a cost effective, efficient and accessible method of capturing geospatial information. The aerial images substantially enhance impact assessments; preventative and proactive decision-making and emergency responses.

Equipment sales

As a long-standing, certified business partner of Leica Geosystems, we provide global-leading geographical measurement equipment, products and services, backed by local training and support.

who we serve

Agriculture and Forestry

The agriculture industry utilises our drone mapping and LiDAR surveys to better map fields, monitor crops remotely and optimise their farming processes and monitoring farming activities.

Construction and real estate

As it shows the (manmade and built) physical features on any piece of land, our topo surveys are often required in a real estate transaction or used in the designing or remodelling of any built infrastructure such as bridges, roads and grading or draining systems.

Civil engineering

Our engineering survey informs the design of civil engineering structures such as highways, railways, roads, bridges and tunnels through taking of measurements, conducting scientific and mathematical analyses and applying knowledge of all relevant legal requirements.

Government departments and municipalities (District and Local)

Government Departments, entities and municipalities at both district and local level leverage our wide range of services for development and management of municipal land; assets; infrastructure; etc. The government entities benefit from topographical, cadastral, LIDAR and scanning (terrestrial and underground) surveys.


Our LiDAR surveys can help mines to determine the spatial location of minerals and monitor and manage the impact of their mining activities on the environment and communities and our volumetric surveys help them to measure large volumes of earth and stockpiles for improved inventory management

Town planning and land use management

Our cadastral surveying function is an important component in the legal creation of properties and assists town planners and professionals responsible for planning of towns, cities, farms and sectional title properties as well as their subdivision.

Flagship projects


NTG Solutions was commissioned by V3 Consulting Engineers to conduct topographical surveys at different locations within the Sarah Baartman District Municipality, as part of the Sarah Baartman Upgrading of Informal Settlements Programme.



Fusing human ingenuity and technology, we deployed a team of experts to utilise cutting-edge technology and drones to help the project team complete the task at hand at an unparalleled pace. This led to on-time and on-brief completion of the project, despite challenging timelines. The project cemented a long-term relationship between NTG Solutions and V3 Consulting Engineers.


NTG Solutions (then NT Geomatics), in conjunction with Manco JV, was appointed as the implementing agent for SANRAL to conduct topographical surveys, 3D modelling and designs for the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) projects in Johannesburg and Pretoria.



The project was the first of its kind in South Africa and the deadlines for delivery were stringent. Due to the right combination of leadership, technology, and skill sets, the project was not only completed on-time and within budget, but also to world class standards.


NTG Solutions (then NT Geomatics) was appointed as one of the companies to implement surveying of the R21 highway all the way to the N12 National Road, which includes the OR Tambo interchange which leads to the OR Tambo international Airport. MHP (now known as GeoAfrica) was the implementing agent for SANRAL.


The task at hand was to achieve one of the most accurate horizontal and vertical alignments in accordance with the Technical Methods for Highways (TMH11 – an unparalleled standard for survey design). These alignments (horizontal and vertical) needed to be integrated with an engineering storm water design system.



The project was delivered on-brief, on-time and within budget. This cemented long-standing working relationships with all parties involved, relationships that still exist to this day.


NTG Solutions has been appointed on a long-term service contract to provide Eskom with large-scale digital photography (LSAP) and light detecting and ranging (LIDAR) mapping services. As a result, we were also one of a panel of companies who were tasked to execute LIDAR surveying and LSAP services at various Eskom sites such as the Eskom powerlines.



NTG Solutions efficiently rendered the necessary services on several powerline survey projects from substation to substation, including Alpha-Majuba, Apollo-Dinaledi, Eiger-Albertsdal and Jupiter-Simmerpan, to name a few. We also delivered highly specialised services such as Orthophoto (Digital Ortho-rectified Imagery), CAD files, contours, etc. for the purposes of powerline monitoring, inspection, expansion and new constructions, the efficacy of which was commended by engineers and supervisors of Eskom all round.


Eskom and Kangala District Municipality had an ambitious target for provision of electricity to various local municipalities before yearend. To support them in achieving what seemed almost impossible, we deployed the latest, most advanced technology and software, and literally worked around the clock. The project has not only met its targets, but ever since, the way we plan to ensure that deliverables are met has also established a new benchmark for consultants.

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