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Isaac Newton said it best: “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” The seed in our hearts that secures the harvest of our future, is the legacy created by our original founder, the late Mr Nkosinathi Dikwayo, whose braveheartedness paved the way for us. For this reason, our vision and values are inspired by honouring his example and leaving the same indelible mark on our world. 


2005: The year NT Geomatics was born

Way before there was even such a thing as remote working because of Covid, our founder Mr Dikwayo started the business to offer land surveying services, with no office and no staff, while just hiring surveyors as and when needed. Back then, we were known as
“NT Geomatics”.

2010: Adding GIS into our business mix

NT Geomatics added GIS to its business mix to help municipalities cleanse their data. We also formed a powered partnership with Esri, world leaders in GIS software, location intelligence and mapping, a partnership that lasts to this day.

2017: Enters town planning and more powered partnerships

We expanded our value proposition with town planning and formed a certified business partnership with Leica Geosystems, bringing centuries-old global measurement and survey solutions to our local market. We also got accredited as an approved learning WIL National Diploma Surveying site by Tshwane University of Technology.

2019 onwards: Re-engineering and rebranding as NTG Solutions

We re-engineered our business; launched our very own academy and established four dedicated, specialist divisions: Development Planning; GIS; Geomatics and the NTG Solutions Academy, to offer our clients a single solution for all their geospatial intelligence needs. We also rebranded and renamed the business: “NTG Solutions”.

2022: The dawn of our spatial intelligence data science courses

The NTG Solutions Academy was accredited by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) to offer two occupational skills programmes that were developed inhouse: Spatial Intelligence Data Science (NQF Level 05) and Advanced Spatial Intelligence Data Science (NQF Level 05).

2007 - 2008: Creating our first permanent home for staff

As clients turned to NT Geomatics more and more for our surveying services, it became necessary to establish our first formal office and give permanent jobs to the first six permanent employees of the business.

2013: Employing industry-best GIS professionals

Due to the continued rise in demand for it, we made GIS a permanent part of our value proposition and we employed some of the top up-and-coming GIS professionals in the industry to continue offering a first-rate service.

2018: We start paying our progress forward

In March 2018, we adopted Senyukele Senior Secondary School in Alfred Nzo District in the Eastern Cape as our ongoing CSI project, a project that we support to this day.

2020: Our first two courses get accredited by the Services SETA

The NTG Solutions Academy was formally accredited as a Skills Development Provider by the Services SETA, with a mandate to offer two programmes: A National Certificate in Venture Creation (SMME) and a Further Education and Training Certificate in New Venture Creation.

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